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Al Hamilton MBE

Al Hamilton MBE former journalist for The Gleaner/Caribbean Times, Author and Founder of the Commonwealth Sports Awards discusses his career in journalism, previously supporting British boxers Frank Bruno and Michael Watson, the motivation to create award events to celebrate Black sporting achievements in the UK and Caribbean, latest book plus much more… Al Hamilton MBE Info: Black Pearls Of Soccer (Paperback) Al Hamilton/Rodney Hinds Frostbites On Finger Tips Kindle Edition

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Jeffrey Deskovic

Convicted at just 17 years old for the horrific crime of rape and murder, creator of the Non-Profit USA Foundation For Justice Jeffrey Deskovic discusses being wrongfully imprisoned, his fight for justice, maintaining a positive mindset while in prison, how DNA evidence proved his innocence, becoming a free man and much more… Jeffrey Info: Website: Patreon: Amazon Smile Program for The Foundation: Recharge Beyond The Bars Re-Entry Game: Conviction (2020) Jeffrey Deskovic Documentary Available on Amazon Prime Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin:

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Author & Poetess Pauline Atkinson AKA ‘Queen P’

American Author & Poetess Pauline Atkinson AKA ‘Queen P’ discusses her previous pursuits and interests, the inspiration to write her first book of poetry, contributing to the international bestselling book ‘Women Win – Against All Odds’, future projects and more… Pauline Info: Instagram: @queenppoetry123 Website: Email: Poetry Podcast The Royal Affair LinkTree:

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Anthony Nwaneri Podcast Marketing Expert & Author

Podcast Marketing Expert & Author Anthony Nwaneri (pen name Daniel Larson) shares his advice, discusses the growing popularity of podcasts, the advantages for podcasters of having niche/specializing in particular topics, why branding a podcast & targeted SEO is important, latest book and much more… Anthony Info: Book - Podcasting Made Simple: The Step by Step Guide on How to Start a Successful Podcast From the Ground Up @ Amazon Facebook Group:

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Keeley Taverner Psychotherapist & Author

Psychotherapist, Well Being Consultant, Author & Empaths/Narcissism Expert Keeley Taverner discusses the qualities of empathy, abusive relationship dynamics, why relationships between Empaths & Narcissists are highly toxic, supporting clients with a variety of issues plus much more… Keeley Info: Website: Email: Books @ Amazon:

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Richard Capriola Mental Health & Drugs/Substance Abuse Expert

Mental Health & Drugs/Substance Abuse Expert Richard Capriola discusses the warning signs for parents with teenagers who may be involved with drug/substance abuse, the often severe consequences of adult addictions, why victims of Domestic Abuse can turn to substance abuse to cope with their situation, how the Covid pandemic has negatively impacted the mental health of many people, his current book plus much more… Richard Info: Website Email

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Paul Forchione Mindset & Motivational Coach

Mindset & Motivational Coach Paul Forchione discusses being born with Cerebral Palsy, childhood challenges and experiences, maintaining a positive mindset when dealing with adversity, the wide variety of clients he supports plus much more… Paul Info: Website (Free Guide How to Rewrite Your Story) Facebook Group Instagram acall2action80 Actions and Limits Podcast

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The George Floyd Murder Trial: USA Journalist Barrington Salmon

Veteran USA Journalist Barrington Salmon discusses the George Floyd murder trial, current prosecution and defense tactics, the long history of police killing people of colour in America, impact of the Black Lives Matter protests plus much more… Barrington Info: Website: Brief Bio: Email: • Columnist at Florida Phoenix News • Contributing Writer at Black Press USA - NNPA • Contributing Writer at The Final Call • Former Journalist at The Washington Times • Virgin Islands Daily News - Best of the VI Annual Reader's Poll

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Author Kevin E. Eastman

Business Consultant and Community Activist and Author Kevin E. Eastman discusses serving in the US Air Force, motivation for working with young people, the importance of exercising voting rights in America, the inspiration to write his book and more... Kevin Info: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

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Vincent E. Haywood - Journey From Prison To Christianity

Certified Master Life Coach, Author & Christian Minister Vincent E. Haywood discusses serving in the military before being sentenced to 20 years in prison, his journey from the religious faith of Islam to Christianity, a tragedy in his personal life, non-profit organizations he has created to support others plus more… Vincent Info: Website: Book @ Amazon: Facebook: Linkedin: Twitter:

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Dr. Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D. Trolls, Internet Predators & More

Online Psychologist, Cyber-Psychology Researcher and Online Safety Educator Dr. Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D. discusses what motivates Trolling behaviours, Cyberstalking, Internet Addictions, Cyberbullying, Online Predators, why Trolls are often Sociopaths, Psychopaths or Narcissists, how to protect yourself online plus much more… Michael Info: Website:

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Brandon Carey - 'Cancel Culture!'

Entrepreneur & Podcaster Brandon Carey MBA discusses the implications of ‘Cancel Culture’, consequences for businesses and individual’s targeted, the power of Social Media, potential issues around Free Speech and more… Brandon Info: YouTube Facebook Instagram Twitter

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Author Yvonne L. Phillip

Author Yvonne L. Phillip discusses childhood, the motivation to write her recently published book exploring youth involvement with gun and knife crime in the UK, views on Stop & Search, possible solutions plus more… Yvonne Info: Book In My Father’s Eyes @ Amazon

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Dr. Tommy A. Watson Award Winning Author

Motivational Speaker, Business Coach & Award Winning Author Dr. Tommy A. Watson discusses his childhood, becoming homeless, overcoming adversity, the books he has written, plans for a TV series based on his life story and more… Tommy Info: Website: Email: Book: The Resilience of Champions @

Documentary Society & Culture Stories

Author Aurea Reis Discusses Experiences of Narcissistic Abuse & More...

Aurea Reis discusses experiencing Narcissistic Abuse during a previous relationship, her inspiration to become an Author, plans for the future and more… Aurea Info: Email: Book: Healing Letters