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Peggy Sealfon Award Winning Author & Personal Development Coach

Award Winning Author, Motivational Speaker & Personal Development Coach Peggy Sealfon discusses turning difficult situations into positive learning experiences, working with people helping them to reconnect with their authentic selves, the dangers of suffering excessive stress, benefits of practising Yoga and much more… Peggy Info: Website Linkedin Instagram

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Guesting on The Author’s Lounge Show with Hezekiah Morris

Guesting on The Author’s Lounge Show with Hezekiah Morris discussing childhood experiences of Domestic Violence, my journey to becoming a published author, relationship challenges, why many men suppress expressing their emotions, understanding Narcissists, unqualified relationship coaches, tips on effective podcast distribution and much more… Nigel info: Book @ Amazon: How to Avoid Making The BIG Relationship Mistakes! Amazon Website:

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Professional Drummer Ralph Rolle Discusses Working With Mega Stars!

Professional Drummer Ralph Rolle discusses his early childhood, the person who inspired him to begin drumming, working with legendary music artists such as Niles Rodgers/Chic, Aretha Franklin, Bono, Sting & Erykah Badu, adapting to different musical genres, his successful cookies brand ‘Soul Snacks', plans for the future and much more… Listen to the Full Interview @ Anchor Amazon Audible iHeart Radio {USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia & New Zealand} Thanks Ralph Info: Websites Personal Soul Snacks

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Author Annie Kaszina Ph.D Emotional Abuse Recovery Expert

Emotional Abuse Recovery Coach & Award Winning Author Annie Kaszina Ph.D discusses being married to an abusive husband, the effects of Narcissistic Abuse on victims, supporting women to recover from traumatic relationships, the inspiration to write her books plus much more… Annie Info: Annie Info: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Book: Do You Choose Your Dog More Carefully Than Your Husband? Books @ Amazon

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Chris A. Matthews Therapist & Author

Therapist & Author Chris A. Matthews discusses how his childhood experiences inspired the work he does today, guiding people with relationship issues to solutions, supporting individuals with various addictions, why men can be reluctant to attend couples counselling or therapy plus much more… Chris Info: Chris A. Matthews is based in Charlotte, North Carolina USA. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, (LMFT), Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist, (LCAS), Certified Clinical Supervisor (CCS) and Approved Supervisor for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT). Chris holds both a Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership and a Master of Arts degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Website: LinkTree: Social Media Links: Book: Finding Your Relationship Fix: The Four Reasons Couples Seek Counseling For more information regarding Chris please contact Double XXposure Media @

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Liam Naden Author & Relationships Coach

Author, Researcher & Marriage/Relationships Coach Liam Naden discusses the primary functions of the human brain, publishing many books on a variety of topics, helping couples overcome major relationship challenges, creating courses to support others plus much more… Liam Info: Websites Podcast Growing in Love for Life Podcast: Save and Strengthen Your Marriage

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Ambika Devi Award Winning Author, Life Coach & Speaker

Award Winning Author, Life Coach & Speaker American Ambika Devi discusses writing several books for different genres, creating courses to support other people, advice for aspiring authors, her latest book ‘Cupid is a B*stard’ and much more… Ambika Info: Website: LinkTree:

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Marilyn Hawes Founder/CEO of Freedom From Abuse

Marilyn Hawes founder of the UK organization ‘Freedom From Abuse’ discusses her abusive marriage, discovering her son’s had been sexually abused by a trusted friend, how pedophiles operate and more… Marilyn Info: Email: Website: Mobile: 07484 541727 Article Guardian UK. Child abuser in our midst: ‘He was like the Pied Piper, children flocked to him’

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Martial Artist & Author Nike Akiti

Author Nike Akiti discusses becoming accomplished in the martial art of Taekwondo, the origins of the self-defence system, how she became involved with contributing to the new book ‘Life Outta Lockdown: Beyond Closed Doors’ plus more… Nikki Info:

American Author Shari Lyn Anderson

American Author Shari Lyn Anderson discusses the motivation to publish her book of letters and poems, the challenges of getting the book published, why she felt it was important to share the material with others and more… Shari Info: Book @ Amazon: Aunt Sadie's Letters of Hope & Healing

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Author Leah Bailey

Author Leah Bailey discusses her inspiration to write poetry and fiction, previously published books, contributing to two anthologies, how she became involved with the forthcoming book ‘Life Outta Lockdown: Beyond Closed Doors’ plus more… Leah Info: LinkTree

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Author Eli Shaw

American Author Eli Shaw discusses his childhood, being a Care Giver for several decades, coming to terms with the deaths of people in his care, meeting famous movie actresses Whoopie Goldberg & Bette Midler, his book ‘If I Die Before I Wake: A Care Givers Journey’ plus much more… Eli Info: Website: Email: Book: ‘If I Die Before I Wake: A Care Givers Journey’ @ Amazon

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American Author & Poetess Pauline Atkinson AKA ‘Queen P’

American Author, Poetess, Voice Over Artist & Podcaster Pauline Atkinson AKA ‘Queen P’ discusses contributing to an international bestselling book, her inspiration to begin writing poems, completing her trilogy of poetry books, her latest publication ‘When The Mood Is Right - A Rebirth’, plans for the future and more… Pauline Info: Website: Email: Poetry Podcast: The Royal Affair Instagram: @queenppoetry123 LinkTree: Queen P Books @ Amazon: When The Mood Is Right A Poetry Journey: Mood Swings: When The Mood Is Right - A Rebirth:

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John Rushton Author & Emotional Intelligence Expert

Author & Emotional Intelligence Expert John Rushton discusses how negative thinking can sabotage our lives, why maintaining a positive attitude can help to overcome life challenges or setbacks, the importance of understanding the subconscious mind, how certain people use guilt trips to manipulate others, Narcissists and their connection to low Emotional Intelligence and much more… John Info: Websites: / Radio Station: Email:

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Author, Playwright and Theatrical Director Niques Francois

Author, Playwright and Theatrical Director Niques Francois who resides in Trinidad & Tobago discusses the inspiration to write and direct musicals, historical differences between Calypso and Soca music, being a teacher to teenagers, writing her first book, plans for the future and much more… Niques Info: Book @ Amazon: Website: Email:

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Agos Youngsam Author & Founder of ‘Breaking Cycles’

Agos Youngsam Author & Founder of the organization ‘Breaking Cycles’ discusses his troubled teenage years, becoming involved with drug dealing, serving several prison sentences, turning his life around, the motivation to support ex-prisoners, latest book and much more… Agos Info: Breaking Cycles: From Prison to Purpose Changing Mindsets of Ex-Prisoners Website: Instagram: Book: Breaking Cycles: From Prison to Purpose

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Author & Transformation Mentor Dave Gold

Author, Consultant & Transformational Mentor Dave Gold discusses creating a law firm, business ventures, supporting entrepreneurs, being targeted for murder by a contract killing, life changing experiences, his spiritual journey, motivation to become an author, plans for the future and much more… Dave Info: Website: Book: After The Absolute: Real Life Adventures With A Backwoods Buddha Amazon:

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Joan Bailey Interview

Founder of ‘We Like 2 Do Nice Things’ and ‘We Love Health & Well-Being’ Joan Bailey discusses being motivated to become involved with promoting events, why she believes promoting healthy living and Black businesses in the UK is important, being involved with various ventures, plans for the future and more… Joan Info: YouTube: Joan Sky Com: Facebook: We Love Health & Well-being Instagram:

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Lucy Abigail Founder of The ‘Keys to Clarity’ Organization

Founder ‘Keys to Clarity’ Lucy Abigail discusses her motivation to create the organization, the concepts of Self Determination Theory, how a person’s Inner Critic can sabotage their goals, the perils of using Social Media incorrectly, the rewards of positive self-motivation and much more… Lucy Info: Website: Email: Linkedin: Instagram:

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Interview Suliaman Lee Co-Founder of Black Child Promotion

Co-Founder of Black Child Promotion and Co-Creator of the recently released Melanopoly board game Suliaman Lee discusses the people who influenced his interest in Black History while growing up, raising awareness by utilizing different strategies, the importance of young people understanding their heritage and much more… Suliaman Info: Website: Instagram: Blackchildpromotions Facebook: Article:

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Zarinah Hameen Interview

Creator of The Black Melanoid Chronicles Encyclopedia Series Zarinah Hameen discusses the importance of acknowledging Black History, the Civil Rights Movement, the destruction of Black Wall Street in the US during 1921, Racism, future plans for an online documentary series and much more… Zarinah Info: Website: Facebook: Email: Tel: 267.405.3372

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Tony Overbay Pornography/ Sex Addiction Recovery Expert

Pornography/Sex Addiction Recovery Expert, Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist & Author Tony Overbay discusses various addictions, how people become addicted, why sex and porn addictions can impact negatively on people’s lives, Narcissists with sex addictions, creating an online programme to support sex and pornography addicts, his forthcoming book plus much more… Tony Info: Website: Email: Book @ Amazon: He's a Porn Addict...Now What?: An Expert and a Former Addict Answer Your Questions Facebook:

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Maxie Hayles MBE Human Rights Advocate & Author

Anti-Racism Campaigner, Human Rights Advocate, Community Leader & Author Maxie Hayles MBE discusses arriving in the UK from Jamaica during the 1960’s, the motivation to become an advocate opposing racial discrimination, successfully campaigning for the Stephen Laurence Inquiry to consider racism in Birmingham, plans to create a movie based on his book and much more… Maxie Hayles MBE former positions include Senior Practitioner at St Basil’s Centre Housing Association, Chairman of the Sandwell African Caribbean Forum Housing Project and the Birmingham Racial Attacks Monitoring Unit. Maxie Info: Book: Taking It To The Max: An Autobiography Website: Facebook: Linkedin: Movie CrowdFunder:

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Past Lives Regressions Expert & Author Regan Forston

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Lives Regressions Expert & Author Regan Forston discusses life after death, past lives, reincarnation, spirituality, his book ‘3 Hours 33 Minutes in Heaven’ and much more… Regan Info: Website: Book: