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Barrister & Author Ryan Clement

UK Barrister & Author Ryan Clement who specializes in employment law discusses cases representing clients regarding unlawful discrimination, unconscious racism, the importance of understanding your legal rights, previous publications, his latest book and much more… Barristers (in England and Wales) are specialists in advocacy and represent individuals or organizations in court. They are independent sources of legal advice and can advise clients on their case. Ryan Info: Websites: & Email: Books: Race Relations in Employment Law Like Father, Like Son

Interview Highlights 2021!

Interview Highlights · Jay Jordan founder of Pegasus Operations discusses his successful operations around the world rescuing children who are victims of kidnapping and sex trafficking. Listen to the Full Interview @ Anchor ...

Society & Culture Documentary Stories

Andrea Mason Personal Development Coach

Motivational Speaker & Personal Development/Accountability Coach Andrea Mason discusses challenges of being adopted as a child, her inspiration to help others, creating the Plan Life According to You {PLAY} programme, supporting people to achieve a range of individual goals plus much more… Andrea Info: To receive a complimentary gift from Andrea please email and type ‘Nigel Beckles’ then your name & country, time zone. Website: Email: YouTube Channel: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:

Society & Culture Documentary Stories

Difernt Author & CEO

CEO of Th3rd Eye Entertainments & Author Difernt discusses becoming homeless at a young age, the challenges of dealing with depression, turning her life around, why many people are reluctant to attend therapy, how negative childhood experiences can create emotionally damaged adults, the impact of systemic racism, inspiration to write her new book plus much more… Difernt Info: Book: What If? A Controversial Paradigm Shift Website:

Society & Culture Documentary Stories

Jay Jordan Founder Pegasus Ops

Jay Jordan Founder of Pegasus Ops discusses successful operations around the world rescuing children who are victims of kidnapping and sex trafficking, how operations are planned and achieved, going under cover in various countries, why the missions are legally protected under The Hague Abduction Convention, his recently published book 'Angel in the Shadows' and much more… Jay Info: Website Pegasus Ops: Book @ Amazon: Angel in the Shadows Online News Article April 2021@

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LaQuon Johnson Author, Motivational Coach & Speaker

Motivational Coach, Speaker & Author LaQuon Johnson discusses the inspiration to write several books, important life changing decisions made after the Covid Pandemic struck the USA, maintaining a positive mindset during challenging experiences and much more… LaQuon Info: Books - Motivational Manuscripts: Amazon Podcasts: Motivational Motives QuonJohn:

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Al Hamilton MBE

Al Hamilton MBE former journalist for The Gleaner/Caribbean Times, Author and Founder of the Commonwealth Sports Awards discusses his career in journalism, previously supporting British boxers Frank Bruno and Michael Watson, the motivation to create award events to celebrate Black sporting achievements in the UK and Caribbean, latest book plus much more… Al Hamilton MBE Info: Black Pearls Of Soccer (Paperback) Al Hamilton/Rodney Hinds Frostbites On Finger Tips Kindle Edition

Society & Culture Documentary

Jeffrey Deskovic

Convicted at just 17 years old for the horrific crime of rape and murder, creator of the Non-Profit USA Foundation For Justice Jeffrey Deskovic discusses being wrongfully imprisoned, his fight for justice, maintaining a positive mindset while in prison, how DNA evidence proved his innocence, becoming a free man and much more… Jeffrey Info: Website: Patreon: Amazon Smile Program for The Foundation: Recharge Beyond The Bars Re-Entry Game: Conviction (2020) Jeffrey Deskovic Documentary Available on Amazon Prime Facebook: Instagram: Linkedin:

Society & Culture

Author & Poetess Pauline Atkinson AKA ‘Queen P’

American Author & Poetess Pauline Atkinson AKA ‘Queen P’ discusses her previous pursuits and interests, the inspiration to write her first book of poetry, contributing to the international bestselling book ‘Women Win – Against All Odds’, future projects and more… Pauline Info: Instagram: @queenppoetry123 Website: Email: Poetry Podcast The Royal Affair LinkTree:

Society & Culture

Anthony Nwaneri Podcast Marketing Expert & Author

Podcast Marketing Expert & Author Anthony Nwaneri (pen name Daniel Larson) shares his advice, discusses the growing popularity of podcasts, the advantages for podcasters of having niche/specializing in particular topics, why branding a podcast & targeted SEO is important, latest book and much more… Anthony Info: Book - Podcasting Made Simple: The Step by Step Guide on How to Start a Successful Podcast From the Ground Up @ Amazon Facebook Group:

Society & Culture

Keeley Taverner Psychotherapist & Author

Psychotherapist, Well Being Consultant, Author & Empaths/Narcissism Expert Keeley Taverner discusses the qualities of empathy, abusive relationship dynamics, why relationships between Empaths & Narcissists are highly toxic, supporting clients with a variety of issues plus much more… Keeley Info: Website: Email: Books @ Amazon:

Author Stephen Graham

Author & Documentary Producer Stephen Graham discusses his troubled teenage years, being imprisoned in Jamaica for several years after taking another person’s life, turning his life around after being released, motivation to support others and more… Stephen Info: Book @ Amazon: Incarceration J.A: A Self-Reflective Analysis Of My Life Website: YouTube Channel: Instagram:

Sociology Professor & Author Dr. Mirella Baker Bemmel

Award-Winning Sociology Professor & Author Dr. Mirella Baker Bemmel discusses how to maintain a positive attitude during difficult time, overcoming challenges in our relationships, building an abundant life, competitive consumerism in the 21st century and much more… Mirella Info: Website: Email: Book: Building Blocks to an Abundant Life: Design the Life you Desire LinkedIn:

Adam Kol Relationship Couples Financial Coach

Certified Mediator & Relationship Couples Financial Coach Adam Kol discusses the top myths concerning love and money, why money issues are the main reason for divorce, the biggest mistakes couples make regarding managing their joint finances plus much more… Adam Info: Website: Tel: (954) 532-8352. Podcast: The Couples Financial Coach Podcast

Award Winning Journalist & Author Jonathan Vankin

Award Winning Journalist & Author Jonathan Vankin discusses his various books including ‘The World's Greatest Conspiracies & ‘The Greatest Conspiracies’, the importance of independent research, former Conspiracy Theories that were in fact true, former US President Trump’s response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, his latest book plus much more… Jonathan Info: Website: Book:

Author Maisie Barrett

Maisie Barrett Author & Contributor to the BBC 1 documentary ‘Subnormal: A British Scandal’ discusses her childhood, how being placed in a Educationally Subnormal School (ESN) at a young age created many challenges during her adult life, discovering she has Dyslexia, writing several books and much more… Maisie Info: Website: Email: Tel: 07727 297561 Books @ Amazon Documentary: 'Subnormal: A British Scandal.' In 1960s and 70s, hundreds of black children in Britain were labelled as “educationally subnormal” and wrongly sent to schools for pupils who were deemed to have low intelligence. Black parents, teachers and activists banded together to expose the injustice and force the education system to change. Available @ BBC iPlayer

Award Winning Author Jenny Ford

Award Winning Author Jenny Ford discusses being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), her spiritual awakening which inspired her to begin writing books, becoming an intuitive author, the multiple genres she writes about including children’s books, contemporary women’s fiction and non-fiction, plans for the future and much more… Jenny Info: Email: Website: Facebook:

Sandra Smith Teacher & Founder of the Focus Lane Book Company

UK Teacher & Founder of the Focus Lane Book Company Sandra Smith discusses her career in education, passion for teaching children, the motivation to create a company publishing exercise books, plans for the future and much more… Sandra Info: Website: Email:

Imani Speaks Interview

Radio Presenter, Relationships/Life Coach & Co-Author Imani Speaks discusses becoming certified in coaching, supporting clients with difficult issues, collaborating on a best-selling book, how she became involved with presenting radio shows and much more… Imani Info Email: imanispeaksinterviews@

Rebecca Adams Best Selling Author & Mindset Mastery Mentor™

Best Selling Author & Mindset Mastery Mentor™ Rebecca Adams discusses the motivation for her work, creating online programs to support people achieving their goals, establishing the Ignite Empowerment Convention, winning an award and much more… Rebecca Info: Website:

Karlos Anthony Co-Founder of Social Media Platform Black Chat

Co-Founder of the online social media platform Black Chat Karlos Anthony and several other websites discusses the early years of the internet, the motivation to create an award winning online App, supporting people suffering with Dementia and Alzheimer’s, the importance of Black people creating and controlling their own media narratives plus much more….

Celebrating The 1 Year Podcasting Anniversary & 150 Plus Interviews!

Thank you for listening and following my Podcasts. It has been a very interesting and enjoyable experience! A BIG Thank You to all of my Guests including: Jane Elliot, Internationally Recognized Diversity Trainer & Anti-Racism Advocate (appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show 5 times) Robert Bell Songwriter, Producer, Musician and Co-Founder of the multi-award winning band Kool & the Gang who have officially sold over 70 million albums world-wide discusses his highly successful as a musician and more… Psychologist, Cyber-Psychology Researcher and Online Safety Educator Dr. Michael Nuccitelli Psy.D. discusses Trolling behaviours, Cyber Stalking, Online Predators and more… Kim Olver Relationship Counselor, Coach and Award-Winning Author who specializes in Choice Theory® discusses the importance of positive self-development, healthy relationships and more…Listen @ Anchor 3q7R9xy Sentenced to 150 years in prison John Esteen discusses how his case became a legal landmark within in the American justice system and much more… Listen @ Anchor Author and Motivational Speaker Terry Tucker discusses being diagnosed with terminal Cancer dealing with adversity, discovering your life purpose, the inspiration to write his book plus much more… Lee Jasper Former Deputy Mayor of London UK & Award Winning Anti-Racism Activist discusses working with Nelson Mandela, challenging injustices and much more… Psychotherapist Dr. Sarah Williams PhD discusses how childhood experiences can influence our relationship choices plus much more… Whoomp! (There It Is) DC Glenn of Rap Duo ‘Tag Team’ discusses his childhood, their hit single officially selling 4 million plus records world-wide plus much more… With over 150 interviews there are a wide variety of topics discussed with many guests who are experts in their fields. Wishing you happy listening! Kind Regards, Nigel

Sondra Harmon Transformational Relationship Coach & Author

Certified Meditation Teacher, Transformational Relationship Coach & Author Sondra Harmon discusses her challenges in previous relationships, how she became happily married after many years of hurt and disappointment, why she was motivated to change herself and support others, strategies for finding love or improving your current relationship and much more… Sondra Info: Facebook: Facebook Group: Instagram: Website: Free Book

Yoga Teacher & Community Activist Jamesia Monroe

Kemetic Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach & Community Activist Jamesia Monroe discusses how she healed a troubling health issue, her spiritual awakening, becoming involved with Yoga, the mind and body connection, benefits of practicing healthy nutritional choices, racism in the US, her motivation to help others plus more… Jamesia Info: Website: Instagram: @kemunity_yoga Email: