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Dr. Tommy A. Watson Award Winning Author

Motivational Speaker, Business Coach & Award Winning Author Dr. Tommy A. Watson discusses his childhood, becoming homeless, overcoming adversity, the books he has written, plans for a TV series based on his life story and more… Tommy Info: Website: Email: Book: The Resilience of Champions @

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Author Aurea Reis Discusses Experiences of Narcissistic Abuse & More...

Aurea Reis discusses experiencing Narcissistic Abuse during a previous relationship, her inspiration to become an Author, plans for the future and more… Aurea Info: Email: Book: Healing Letters

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Terry Tucker Discusses His Terminal Cancer & More...

Author and Motivational Speaker Terry Tucker discusses being diagnosed with terminal Cancer, embracing pain and suffering, maintaining a positive mindset when dealing with adversity, discovering your life purpose, the inspiration to write his book, plans for the future and much more Terry Info: Website Book @ Amazon

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John Esteen Discusses Being Sentenced to 150 Years in Prison & More...

Sentenced to 150 years in prison John Esteen discusses serving in the US military, how he became incarcerated, legal battles, his case becoming a legal landmark within in the American justice system, being a free man and much more… John Info: E&E 2nd Wind Nonprofit Corporation Website Facebook YouTube: Life inside Dateline NBC Prisoners

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DC Glenn 'Tag Team' 4 million Plus Records World-Wide!

Whoomp! (There It Is) DC Glenn of Rap Duo ‘Tag Team’ discusses his childhood, their hit single officially selling 4 million plus records world-wide, greatest live performance, how the very popular US Scoop television commercial happened, upcoming TV & Movie projects plus much more… Glenn Info

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Julie Kramer - Spiritual Director, Hospital Chaplain & Author

Life Coach, Spiritual Director, Hospital Chaplain and Author Julie Kramer discusses guiding and supporting people through grief, views on Spirituality, the creation of her ‘Grief to Gratitude’ Program, the inspiration to write her book and much more.. Julie Info: Websites Free Grief Guide @

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Karen Beth Ford - Master Financial Coach, Entrepreneur & Author

Master Financial Coach, Entrepreneur and Author discusses Karen Beth Ford discusses helping clients with money issues, the dangers of excessive debt, getting free of money problems, why maintaining a financial budget is important, strategies for building wealth plus much more... Karen Info: Website: YouTube Channel: Facebook: Instagram: Email:

Cheryl Phoenix CEO The Black Child Agenda

Executive Director of the International Multi-Award Winning Organization The Black Child Agenda Cheryl Phoenix discusses her work challenging discrimination, dealing with unlawful school exclusions, assisting families, supporting individuals with mental health concerns who are not correctly assessed and more… Cheryl Info: Websites: Facebook:

Margaret Mary O’Connor - Sexual Abuse Within The Catholic Church

Author & Advocate against Sexual Discrimination and Abuse within the Catholic Church Margaret Mary O’Connor discusses her motivation to raise awareness, the culture of secrecy, scandals that have arisen, a lack of meaningful investigations and more… Margaret Info: Website: Book: Scandal in the Shadows @Amazon

Sandra Cooze - Author, Trauma Release Specialist

Trauma Release Specialist, Self-Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master & Author Sandra Cooze discusses the personal experiences that inspired her to support and guide others, the benefits of practicing Reiki, Meditation or Visualization, the inspiration to write her first book and more… Sandra Info: Website: Email:

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Experts Discuss Relationships - Highlights

USA Experts share their advice on a variety of relationship issues. • Kim Olver - Relationship Counselor, Award-Winning Author • Faust A. Ruggiero M.S. - Psychologist, Therapist & Author • Teleshia Delmar - Personal Marriage Advisor • Kelvin Troy Johnson B.S. - Women’s Relationship Coach Full interviews available on this website.

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Faust A. Ruggiero Psychologist, Therapist & Author

American Psychologist, Therapist & Author Faust A. Ruggiero M.S. discusses supporting clients struggling with various personal issues including couples counselling and those who have experienced Domestic Abuse, overcoming the emotions of fear or anger, strategies for maintaining positive mental health during the world-wide Pandemic and much more… Faust Info: Website Email Facebook The Fix Yourself Handbook Available @ Amazon

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Dr Atiya K. Jones Msc.D. - Metaphysician & Author

Metaphysician, Holistic Life Counsellor & Author Dr Atiya K. Jones Msc.D. discusses various approaches to healing, the spiritual aspect of her work, supporting clients, several published books, future plans for creating a retreat and more… Atiya Info: Website Facebook Books Info

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Jane Elliot Internationally Recognized Educator & Anti-Racism Advocate

Award Winning Internationally recognized Educator, Lecturer, Diversity Trainer and Anti-Racism Advocate Jane Elliot discusses the inspiration for her work, the famous Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes exercise, raising awareness regarding racial discrimination, the Black Lives Matter movement, appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show and much more… Jane Info: Website

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Lee Jasper - Multi-Award Winning Anti-Racist & Human Rights Activist

Multiple Award Winning Anti-Racist & Human Rights Activist also former Deputy Mayor of London Lee Jasper discusses his aspirations to become an activist, motivation to become politically aware, involvement in the Stephen Lawrence Campaign for Justice, collaborating with Nelson Mandela, views on racism in the UK and more… Lee Info: Website Facebook Instagram

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Entrepreneur & Author Jessica Dawn Russel

American Author & Entrepreneur Jessica Dawn Russell discusses the inspiration to become a successful in business, creating a top Hollywood talent agency, challenges experienced during her career, the motivation to study Hypnotherapy/NLP, founding her current organization The Hypnotherapy Centers, coaching and supporting others plus much more… Jessica Info: Email: Facebook: Instagram: #jessicadawnrussell2 Website:

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Teleshia Delmar - Personal Marriage Advisor

American Personal Marriage Advisor Teleshia Delmar discusses the difficult challenges faced in her 19 year marriage, being inspired to offer guidance to couples, strategies for a healthy, lasting relationship plus much more… Teleshia Info: Website

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Exposing the Narcissist in Relationships - The Complete Series

Learn how to protect yourself from dangerous Relationship Predators. Discover • The 9 main official traits used to diagnose Narcissistic Personality Disorder. • Why Narcissists are rarely officially diagnosed. • How a lack of empathy, extreme selfishness, vindictiveness and jealousy motivates Narcissists to try and destroy other people’s lives. • The Covert Narcissist: A very dangerous Relationship Predator. • The type of people Narcissists target for relationships. • The personality traits that can make a person vulnerable to an abuser when dating. • Love Bombing: How Narcissists lure unsuspecting people into abusive relationships. • The toxic and destructive relationship cycle of Narcissists. • Abuse Tactics: Intermittent Reinforcement, Emotional Baiting, Reactive Abuse plus other abusive behaviors. • Why Narcissists inevitably cheat on their partners. • Trauma Bonding: Why survivors can find it difficult to leave the relationship or stay away from an abusive ex-partner after a break-up. • Why Narcissists rarely provide Closure or just disappear from a relationship (Ghosting). • The Hoover: When the Narcissist seeks to return to their ex-partner. • Flying Monkeys, Smear Campaigns and people they use to manipulate ex-partners and situations. • Why No Contact is essential after leaving an Abusive Partner. • Guidelines for interacting with an abusive ex-partner if No Contact is not an option. • How emotional abuse can actually cause brain damage. • The deeply negative consequences of experiencing Trauma Bonding, Emotional Triggers and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. • Recommendations for healing and recovery plus much more… With Narcissistic Abuse in Relationships Survivors Advocates Nigel Beckles & Marcia Hylton. Support Group Reflections on Abusive Relationships (ROAR)