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Interview Suliaman Lee Co-Founder of Black Child Promotion

Co-Founder of Black Child Promotion and Co-Creator of the recently released Melanopoly board game Suliaman Lee discusses the people who influenced his interest in Black History while growing up, raising awareness by utilizing different strategies, the importance of young people understanding their heritage and much more… Suliaman Info: Website: Instagram: Blackchildpromotions Facebook: Article:

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Zarinah Hameen Interview

Creator of The Black Melanoid Chronicles Encyclopedia Series Zarinah Hameen discusses the importance of acknowledging Black History, the Civil Rights Movement, the destruction of Black Wall Street in the US during 1921, Racism, future plans for an online documentary series and much more… Zarinah Info: Website: Facebook: Email: Tel: 267.405.3372

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Tony Overbay Pornography/ Sex Addiction Recovery Expert

Pornography/Sex Addiction Recovery Expert, Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist & Author Tony Overbay discusses various addictions, how people become addicted, why sex and porn addictions can impact negatively on people’s lives, Narcissists with sex addictions, creating an online programme to support sex and pornography addicts, his forthcoming book plus much more… Tony Info: Website: Email: Book @ Amazon: He's a Porn Addict...Now What?: An Expert and a Former Addict Answer Your Questions Facebook:

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Maxie Hayles MBE Human Rights Advocate & Author

Anti-Racism Campaigner, Human Rights Advocate, Community Leader & Author Maxie Hayles MBE discusses arriving in the UK from Jamaica during the 1960’s, the motivation to become an advocate opposing racial discrimination, successfully campaigning for the Stephen Laurence Inquiry to consider racism in Birmingham, plans to create a movie based on his book and much more… Maxie Hayles MBE former positions include Senior Practitioner at St Basil’s Centre Housing Association, Chairman of the Sandwell African Caribbean Forum Housing Project and the Birmingham Racial Attacks Monitoring Unit. Maxie Info: Book: Taking It To The Max: An Autobiography Website: Facebook: Linkedin: Movie CrowdFunder:

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Past Lives Regressions Expert & Author Regan Forston

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Past Lives Regressions Expert & Author Regan Forston discusses life after death, past lives, reincarnation, spirituality, his book ‘3 Hours 33 Minutes in Heaven’ and much more… Regan Info: Website: Book:

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Barrister & Author Ryan Clement

UK Barrister & Author Ryan Clement who specializes in employment law discusses cases representing clients regarding unlawful discrimination, unconscious racism, the importance of understanding your legal rights, previous publications, his latest book and much more… Barristers (in England and Wales) are specialists in advocacy and represent individuals or organizations in court. They are independent sources of legal advice and can advise clients on their case. Ryan Info: Websites: & Email: Books: Race Relations in Employment Law Like Father, Like Son

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Andrea Mason Personal Development Coach

Motivational Speaker & Personal Development/Accountability Coach Andrea Mason discusses challenges of being adopted as a child, her inspiration to help others, creating the Plan Life According to You {PLAY} programme, supporting people to achieve a range of individual goals plus much more… Andrea Info: To receive a complimentary gift from Andrea please email and type ‘Nigel Beckles’ then your name & country, time zone. Website: Email: YouTube Channel: Facebook: LinkedIn: Instagram:

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Difernt Author & CEO

CEO of Th3rd Eye Entertainments & Author Difernt discusses becoming homeless at a young age, the challenges of dealing with depression, turning her life around, why many people are reluctant to attend therapy, how negative childhood experiences can create emotionally damaged adults, the impact of systemic racism, inspiration to write her new book plus much more… Difernt Info: Book: What If? A Controversial Paradigm Shift Website:

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Jay Jordan Founder Pegasus Ops

Jay Jordan Founder of Pegasus Ops discusses successful operations around the world rescuing children who are victims of kidnapping and sex trafficking, how operations are planned and achieved, going under cover in various countries, why the missions are legally protected under The Hague Abduction Convention, his recently published book 'Angel in the Shadows' and much more… Listen Now @ YouTube: Anchor: Jay Info: Website Pegasus Ops: Book @ Amazon: Angel in the Shadows Online News Article April 2021@

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LaQuon Johnson Author, Motivational Coach & Speaker

Motivational Coach, Speaker & Author LaQuon Johnson discusses the inspiration to write several books, important life changing decisions made after the Covid Pandemic struck the USA, maintaining a positive mindset during challenging experiences and much more… LaQuon Info: Books - Motivational Manuscripts: Amazon Podcasts: Motivational Motives QuonJohn:

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Al Hamilton MBE

Al Hamilton MBE former journalist for The Gleaner/Caribbean Times, Author and Founder of the Commonwealth Sports Awards discusses his career in journalism, previously supporting British boxers Frank Bruno and Michael Watson, the motivation to create award events to celebrate Black sporting achievements in the UK and Caribbean, latest book plus much more… Al Hamilton MBE Info: Black Pearls Of Soccer (Paperback) Al Hamilton/Rodney Hinds Frostbites On Finger Tips Kindle Edition

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Richard Capriola Mental Health & Drugs/Substance Abuse Expert

Mental Health & Drugs/Substance Abuse Expert Richard Capriola discusses the warning signs for parents with teenagers who may be involved with drug/substance abuse, the often severe consequences of adult addictions, why victims of Domestic Abuse can turn to substance abuse to cope with their situation, how the Covid pandemic has negatively impacted the mental health of many people, his current book plus much more… Richard Info: Website Email

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Paul Forchione Mindset & Motivational Coach

Mindset & Motivational Coach Paul Forchione discusses being born with Cerebral Palsy, childhood challenges and experiences, maintaining a positive mindset when dealing with adversity, the wide variety of clients he supports plus much more… Paul Info: Website (Free Guide How to Rewrite Your Story) Facebook Group Instagram acall2action80 Actions and Limits Podcast

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The George Floyd Murder Trial: USA Journalist Barrington Salmon

Veteran USA Journalist Barrington Salmon discusses the George Floyd murder trial, current prosecution and defense tactics, the long history of police killing people of colour in America, impact of the Black Lives Matter protests plus much more… Barrington Info: Website: Brief Bio: Email: • Columnist at Florida Phoenix News • Contributing Writer at Black Press USA - NNPA • Contributing Writer at The Final Call • Former Journalist at The Washington Times • Virgin Islands Daily News - Best of the VI Annual Reader's Poll

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Author Kevin E. Eastman

Business Consultant and Community Activist and Author Kevin E. Eastman discusses serving in the US Air Force, motivation for working with young people, the importance of exercising voting rights in America, the inspiration to write his book and more... Kevin Info: Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: