Feb. 12, 2021

Experts Discuss Relationships - Highlights

Experts Discuss Relationships - Highlights

USA Experts share their advice on a variety of relationship issues.

• Kim Olver - Relationship Counselor, Award-Winning Author
• Faust A. Ruggiero M.S. - Psychologist, Therapist & Author
• Teleshia Delmar - Personal Marriage Advisor
• Kelvin Troy Johnson B.S. - Women’s Relationship Coach
Full interviews available on this website.

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USA Relationship Experts share their advice on a variety of relationship issues.  

American Kim Olver Relationship Counselor, Coach and Award-Winning Author who specializes in Choice Theory® discusses how she became involved with her profession, the importance of positive self-development plus healthy relationships, plans for the future and more…

Listen to the Full Interview

Anchor @ https://bit.ly/3q7R9xy

YouTube https://youtu.be/uuTZ9ZRvz1c

American Psychologist, Therapist & Author Faust A. Ruggiero M.S. discusses supporting clients struggling with various personal issues including couples counselling and those who have experienced Domestic Abuse, overcoming the emotions of fear or anger, strategies for maintaining positive mental health during the world-wide Pandemic and much more…

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Anchor https://bit.ly/2N18x8l

YouTube https://youtu.be/vzNZRpQdfAk

American Personal Marriage Advisor Teleshia Delmar discusses the difficult challenges faced during her marriage, being inspired to offer guidance to couples, strategies for a healthy, lasting relationship plus much more…

Listen to the Full Interview Now @

YouTube https://youtu.be/DqwuL-xqIU4

Anchor https://bit.ly/2NwzTDl

USA Relationship Coach Kelvin Troy Johnson who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and specializes in coaching women looking for love discusses his inspiration to become involved with coaching, the Love Myths many people believe that often result in relationship failure, exploring the typical male mindset, dating advice and much more…

Listen to the Full Interview @

YouTube https://youtu.be/DqwuL-xqIU4

Anchor https://youtu.be/9QbRJ41Ytfk