In Conversation with Author Deanne Heron

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In Conversation with Author Wendell Callender

Barbadian Author Wendell Callender discusses the Coronavirus in Barbados, growing up on the island and his journey towards becoming a prolific author.

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In Conversation with Soul Coach Susan Lawrence

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In Conversation with Author Yvonne J. Douglas

Founder of Yvonne J.’s Self Discovery, Soul Guidance Coach, Shamanic Healer and Author Yvonne J. Douglas discusses her journey from having a serious breakdown to becoming a Healer and becoming a guiding light for others exper...

In Conversation with Author Ken Barnes

The Lean Mind Body Certified Health Coach, Trainer & Author Ken Barnes shares his passion for coaching/training, his saddest moment and positive perspectives for approaching life.

In Conversation with Lindsay Wesker

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In Conversation with Patricia Wharton Abusive Relationships Survivors Advocate

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Interview with new Author Maria Mitchell discussing her experiences after becoming a young widow, the inspiration for writing her first book and shares advice for aspiring authors.

Steve Salvari: Record Producer and Performer discusses working with great artists including Barry White, Lulu, Robert Palmer, Chaka Khan and Aswad

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In Conversation with American Journalist Barrington Salmon

Veteran American Journalist Barrington Salmon currently a columnist at Florida Phoenix News , contributing writer at Black Press USA & The Final Call discusses the Coronavirus situation in the US, how he became a journalist a...