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American Entrepreneur & Author Janice McLean DeLoatch

Entrepreneur & Author Janice McLean DeLoatch discusses her journey to becoming the owner of several businesses, the challenges of being an entrepreneur in America, the motivation to write her book, new venture The Black Shopping Network and moreā€¦ Janis Info: Website: https://www.theblackshoppingnetworks.com/ YouTube Channel: Featuring some of the most celebrated entrepreneurs & business minds from across the world https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCroFB1GjrcOY7oWatS6MOyg Media inquiries: Contact Angelo Ellerbee at Double XXposure (201) 224-6570, angelo@dxxnyc.com Further information: Contact Mel Albin, Managing Partner, JMD HoldingsĀ© LLC (914) 645-4274, wecare@theblackshoppingnetworks.com # entrepreneur # business #author #blackshoppingnetwork #tvshows #media